About Me

I’m a creator, speaker and self-proclaimed, “marketing nerd” who is obsessed with Facebook & Instagram advertising. Currently, I run my own marketing agency; Tony Does Ads, as well as work for Mobius Media Solutions.

I’ve created and optimized advertising campaigns for keynote speakers, conferences, and business owners around the world with budgets as high as the millions a month in advertising spend.

I’m a mad scientist when it comes to creating ads. I pride myself on testing and optimizing campaigns based on metrics directly aligned with business goals.

In my free time, I create weekly advertising videos on my YouTube channel and travel. I love connecting with people on Twitter, spreading positivity (usually through sarcasm) and empowering people to go after their biggest dreams…life is too short not to! 👊

Now, are you ready to work?

Social Media Marketing World 2019

Social Media Marketing World 2019